• The espresso machine needs to be warmed up for a least 20 minutes, ensure the portafilter is attached to grouphead.
  • Purge and rinse the machine by running a shot of water through the grouphead and portafilter.
  • With a dry cloth wipe the portafilter. 
  • Grab your fresh bag of Spectacled Bear Coffee beans and place them into the grinder hopper.
  • Now finely grind 18-21g of coffee directly into the porta filter.
  • Level coffee grinds in portafilter.
  • Using the tamper, tamp the grinds with 30lbs of pressure distributed evenly across the coffee bed (this ensures even extraction). Give the tamper a gentle ¼ turn to ‘polish’ the grinds.
  • Lock the portafilter into grouphead.
  • Place espresso cup under the portafilter.
  • Start the extraction - the shot should start with a slow drip and turn into a gentle stream.
  • A 2oz shot should extract in approximately 20 seconds
  • Serve and enjoy!

Espresso Tips


Depending on your water source, if your water is hard you may need to decalcify your espresso machine. Most espresso machine manufacturers sell a specific product to do so.


Dump the espresso puck into your composting bin, rinse out the portafilter and replace into the grouphead. Every few shots, take the portafilter apart, wash in hot water with a mild dish soap, rinse and let air dry. Also ensure to wash the drip tray and the water reservoir.


  • If the shot flows faster = the grind size is probably too coarse. And vice versa
  • The stream should be the thickness of a spaghetti noodle
  • The stream should be tiger red/ deep caramel in colour
  • The total yield, including crema should be 2oz.