V60 Pour over


The V60 is a cone-shaped dripper with spiral ridges along the inner wall and a single, large opening at the bottom. This design keeps the filter from sticking to the walls of the cone, encouraging extraction at the bottom and sides of of the filter. 


We generally recommend a grind setting between fine and medium.


Our preferred technique starts with thoroughly rinsing the filter and placing it inside the cone. After adding ground coffee, level the bed and make a small divot in the middle. Targeting this depression, pour just enough water to wet all of the coffee, then rest for 30 seconds. Continue pouring slowly, starting in the middle and moving in and out in concentric circles until the desired volume is reached. Keep the flowing water about ¼" away from the exposed walls of the dripper at all times and try to maintain a constant volume throughout the brewing process.


V60 filters are thinner than any other paper pour over filters, and this is a big plus. While we still recommend rinsing these filters, they impart minimal paper taste — if any at all. The unique design of the V60 yields some of the best coffee we’ve ever had. When one pours carefully, the spiral ridges on the V60 facilitate a more even extraction than other cone-shaped brewers, which tend to over-extract at the bottom. And with the glass or plastic V60 you can watch the entire brewing process.

We especially enjoy using the V60 with bright, fruity, and floral coffees. Generally, coffees from Kenya, Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Guatemala taste their best when brewed with this method.